The State of Ohio is focused on five primary sectors driving our region’s growth. These cluster industries provide new and existing businesses opportunities to expand, grow and prosper in this global marketplace.

Small Businesses, we're focused on your growth and expansion too! 

Advanced Manufacturing

Putnam County has been at the heart of industrial activity since it was founded in 1820, and the use of advanced technologies continues to grow. The county is home to 54 manufacturing establishments employing over 4,000 individuals.

Food Processing
& Agri-Business

Strategically located between the traditional Grain Belt region and the populous East Coast markets, Putnam County and Northwest Ohio are one of the leading manufacturing regions of food, equipment, and agricultural products in the United States.

Logistics & Transportation

For businesses looking to expand and strengthen their position, Putnam County offers an efficient and cost-effective means to transport products to customers.

Energy & Mobility

For companies that use, produce or support the energy industry, Putnam County is part of a 17-county region in Northwest Ohio that produces nearly every type of energy, including natural gas, biofuels, petroleum, nuclear, solar and wind.


For well over 100 years, our businesses have served the global automotive market through engineering, design and production capabilities.