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Economic Growth Partners

Regional Growth Partnership

The Regional Growth Partnership is a privately led organization committed to meeting the needs of businesses, site consultants and corporate real estate professionals in a confidential, innovative and time-sensitive manner. Being a private economic development group allows the RGP to operate beyond political boundaries and also shields it from freedom of information requests on the part of media. We offer a full range of traditional business development services, working in collaboration with our partners across the region, all designed to expedite and simplify the site selection process.


JobsOhio is a private non-profit corporation designed to drive job creation and new capital investment in Ohio through business attraction, retention, and expansion efforts. The JobsOhio Regional network is comprised of six economic development partners and the key to the state’s success. Each region’s unique strengths, perspective, and experience come together to strategically serve companies.


The Ohio Department of transportation works hand in hand with local and regional communities to improve transportation infrastructure, and promote easy transportation though Ohio of goods and people. They provide both construction, support and funding for projects all across the state, and are committed to improving the commercial and industrial transportation framework that supports the businesses of Ohio.